This new hotel and condominium in Prishtina, Kosovo, scheduled to begin ...
As part of their redevelopment of “New English Town” a historic district of Tianjin. Citiarc and OPC were commissioned to
WQB Architecture worked with Langan Engineeringtodetermine how to maximize available benefits from “Brownfields” programs to redevelop a section of Carroll
University Towers was built as a middle class homeownership project in the 1970’s. It has 22 buildings on 10 acres
  Manhattan West (in red above) is a 17‐story affordable rental building between 10th and 11th Ave. and 55th and
Although West 42nd Street is one of the busiest streets in Manhattan, the blocks west of Tenth Avenue were never
The New York Educational Construction Fund is a municipal organization which is responsible for capital budgets related to the funding


380 Lenox is the first privately funded luxury condominium building in Harlem, built by Uptown Partners at the corner of
Designed with FxFowle Architects for Uptown Partners, Fifth on the Park is a 28‐story mixed-use building located on Fifth Avenue
WQB Architecture provided an architectural design and project management services for the redevelopment of 4 historic brown stones in Carnegie
  The Fishkill Church of the Nazarene and Interactive Development Associates are developing an active living community on 8 acres
OBRFC / Columbus Associates was formed to develop one of the last sites
WQB Architecture is actively involved in the development of BIRR Castle to make it a more desirable international destination. Current
Zoning: R6 Lot Dimensions: 100’ x 75’ Land Use: Public Facilities and Institutions, Parking Facilities Proposed Use: Affordable independent residences


Power China’s Real Estate Group, has joint Venture projects in major cities throughout China. Power China selected WQB Architecture PLLC
Cabarete, located on the Atlantic Coast of the Dominican Republic, has been known for years ...
WQB Architecture worked at Wychoff Heights Hospital for over 14 years.
WQB Architecture assisted Manhattan Boutique Real Estate (MBRE) and SOBRO in the preparation of the design of a building to
Camp Taconic is a 220 acre property in Milan, New York owned by ...
WQB Architecture worked at Wychoff Heights Hospital for over 14 years During this time the 14 years. During this time,
  LOS SURES is a community based not‐for‐profit housing development corporation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was founded in 1973 by
WQB Architecture is currently developing a Master Plan for PNG Land for development of 1,000,000 sf of housing and health
  During 2008 an international development group failed to complete the construction of 25 super luxury loft condominiums facing the


This 2,000 acre resort development is located on Hainan Island, a relatively untouched province ...
The Legation Quarter is one of the most famous historic enclaves in Beijing, site of the former Qing‐dynasty era American
1400 Fifth Avenue is a LEED Silver rated residential green building project located in Harlem. At the time of its
Manhattan Boutique Real Estate (MBRE) and SOBRO are submitting a development proposal to the NYC Housing Preservation Development Commission for
The SoHa Terrace is an upscale multi-family residential project and a pioneering effort ...
380 Lenox is the first privately funded luxury condominium building in Harlem, built by Uptown Partners at the corner of
The Global Trade and Technology Center is New York’s answer to Chicago's Merchandise Mart or the World Market Center in
Spring Valley, NY has become one of the 5 largest Haitian communities in the United ...
This residential project, which revitalized abandoned buildings and replaced an urban lot, created affordable one and two‐bedroom units


Originally built for one of the grand old theatre companies of New York, the Lambs Club was designed in 1905
Interactive Development Associates (IDA) and Karen Backus Associates (KBA) were selected by The Church of the Nazarene, Dream Hotels and
Citiarc MCC Construction and CMC Development took over the development of a failed retail development in a prime location in
As part of the streetscape redevelopment effort for New Bond Street/ New Englishtown in Tianjin, Crown Acquisitions arranged for Ralph
The Kailuan Mining Bureau was the administrative center for mining related activities at the Port of Tianjin’s British Concession. As
The plan for the 800,000 SF Hudson Mews housing development incorporates the irregular undeveloped frontage along the west side of