Dongping County Tourism Planning Dongping, Shandong, China

Dongping County sets its goals to be a significant center for cultural tourism. In preparation for this, Dong Ping is considering development of a long term Master Plan for cultural development throughout the City.

Development of a universal theme for a vacation which will have universal appeal for a variety of families and individuals. Given the nature of the existing heritage mountains and  Baifo Mountain the theme should be centered and reflect a calmness which is prevalent in Buddhist culture-Qi.  Qi can be obtained through enjoyment of experiences which provide spiritual comfort, physical comfort and exercising your mind. Existing and new opportunities have been grouped to provide convenient and comfortable options for creating a variety of personal vacation choices



Baifo Mt will define itself as Spiritual Retreat Destination for people to enjoy spiritual comfort and calm. The Theme Park will also have Buddhist, Confuscious and Taoist themed accommodations and restaurant venues.